Kurset jane vetem per nxenesit e shkollave 

Jo,kurset jane per te gjitha grupmoshat . Studentet rregjistrohen ne grupet me te pershtatshme sipas moshes dhe nivelit  . 


 A kane kurset kane nje frekuence te caktuar

Po ne ofrojme kurse intensive dhe normale . Studentet perzgjedhin ritmin dhe orarin e preferuar . Shkolla eshte e hapur cdo dite te javes .


Are these courses only for school students _

No,these courses are offered to all ages. The students enroll to the most appropriate course according to age and level.


Do the courses have a certain frequency

We offer intensive and normal courses. Students choose their favorite schedule.The school is opened seven days a week .



The center is opened every day from Monday to Sunday  09.00 - 19.00  

For all our registered customers there will be active the website section for following lessons on line ( texts, audio and video ). 

Contact Details

Epa Training Center
Rr Dom Nikolle Kacorri
2003 Durres Al 

tel : +355 52 906 638,  cel : +355 696373173 

Email: info@epacenter.al
Website: www.epacenter.al