EPA TRAINING CENTER is located in the center of Durres. The aim of this center is to offer quality courses for all the age groups and categories . We offer training in languages, computing, finance and preparation for special exams for university entry. 

For the students who wish to study abroad we offer consultancy and assistance in their applications. We also offer preparation courses for special exams like SAT. IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT etc

If the students are seeking for a practical course in finance , they can find expanded and intensive courses that will prepare them for their job in an excellent way . The lectures are given by experienced specialist and the exercises are based on real documents and situations. 

Students who wish to enter the faculty of architecture can enroll in our courses which are very limited in students number ( 2 or 3 per class). These kind of courses are intensive and the professors teach in the most prestigious universities in Albania.




The center is opened every day from Monday to Sunday  09.00 - 19.00  

For all our registered customers there will be active the website section for following lessons on line ( texts, audio and video ). 

Contact Details

Epa Training Center
Rr Dom Nikolle Kacorri
2003 Durres Al 

tel : +355 52 906 638,  cel : +355 696373173 

Email: info@epacenter.al
Website: www.epacenter.al